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Emotional Freedom  Posted March 8th
Firstly an Apology just in case anyone is reading this... I said in my last post (o my goodness how did that get to be a month ago?) that I would be posting each day about the Great Health Debate.  I'm not very good at this blog business am I?!  Well to be honest it was all I could find time to do to listen to each day of the debate so writing about it rather went by the by.  I do have the downloads though and will revisit them sometime soon and try to write something for you then!
But that's not really what I want to share with you today...rather I want to tell you about a new treatment I am now offering.  Whilst I love working with the body and feel doing so can bring healing on many levels it doesn't always do so quickly.  So I am very excited to now be able to offer the amazing tool of EFT - The Emotional Freedom Technique. 
Now I have to be honest this may seem a little crazy to the more conventionally minded of you.  My teacher suggested describing it as emotional acupuncture without the needles.  Like that would seem sane to someone  steeped in the allopathic medical model?!
But who cares if it's crazy, who cares if we really have very little idea how it works, who cares if you look a bit of a nana while you're dong it.  If it can shift physical and emotional issues sometimes in minutes at the most in a few hours that's all I need to know.
So just what does it involve?  Essentially it involves tapping on various points on the face and body whilst focussing on whatever you want to shift.  And that might be a physical pain or a bad memory or unwanted emotional reaction.  I will be creating a page about it soon but for now you can read more about it at the website of my teacher Karl Dawson
The Ultimate Food Fight 
Posted February 5th

As you probably know I'm pretty interested in diet and nutrition.  I think it's a really important aspect of creating vibrant health and I spend quite a lot of time reading about it and listening to what various experts have to say about it. 
But it does get a bit confusing when people with equally impressive credentials can have totally opposite opinions.
My diet over the years has varied from growing up eating Dalepack grills and Vesta Curries to vegetarian, vegan, 100% raw vegan, Blood Type Diet (I'm a type O so back on the meat again!) with avoiding wheat and dairy whilst doing most of those things.  And I'm still experimenting to see what works best for me in particular situations.
So I'm excited that over the next 7 days there I'm going to have the chance to hear some of these experts argue their cases with each other.  So how do two medically trained but nutritionally focused Doctors argue the case for meat eating versus raw vegan diet.  What do I find more convincing - the idea of maintaining my body's pH or protecting my internal Body Ecology.  Why has one long term raw food vegan now started to introduce animal products into his diet while another still manages to have The Best Day Ever everyday.
It will definitely make for some fascinating listening.  And the best thing is you can hear it all for free as each recording will be replayable for 24 hours.  If you want to keep a copy (and I'm sure this stuff will be worth more than one listen) you can do so for only a small investment of less than $50 (Oh dear I'm ruining the psychology of pricing here aren't I!) - not bad for the collected wisdom of 14 nutritional experts! 
I'm going to try and let you know what I think of each installment over the next week but forgive me if I get a bit behind...
PS I'm not very good at this am I?  You'll be needing the link to the debate won't you?
PPS There are two free videos you can also get when you sign up - so you can get started watching today!

Shamanic Movement  Posted January 27th
It has taken me some time to get round to writing this but just in case you were wondering what I got up to for the whole of December in Guatemala here is an account of my adventures there. 
I went with Jag (lovely partner and wonderful therapist to study with a shaman called Lujan Matus which was amazing.  Lujan (he's an Aussie not a native Guatemalan btw!) teaches a variety of different energetic movement forms and we learned 3 of them over the course of 3 weeks.  Jag had already studied two with Lujan last year so was revisiting those (which you can do for free once you've done them once which is fabulous) but he's only really kept one of them up over the year.
This, the first set, is called the Dragon's Tears and is a gentle flowing movement form similar to Tai Chi.  I have always enjoyed things like that when I've done them in the past but never made them a part of my life before. This set feels very powerful and I'm enjoying doing them daily and becoming increasingly aware of the energy around and within me as a result.  Although not ostensibly particularly active or aerobic I get so warm when doing them - very useful for an often chilly girl in an English winter!  It is also fascinating to begin to feel the threads or lines of energy t
hat  Lujan spoke of when teaching us.
The second week was Earth Energy Tapping which aims to enable you to tap into the energy of the earth.  It's a much more vigorous set of exercises including many familiar things like bicep curls, push-ups, sit-ups and the dreaded chin ups (can women ever do chin ups I wonder - I'm still only moving about a centimetre unless I cheat and keep my feet on the ground!).  But more than being about  creating buns of steel it is all designed to clear energy pathways within the body and draw energy in from the earth and also includes more of the flowing movements similar to the Dragon's Tears. 
It's a physically grueling set of exercises and I'm glad that Lujan gave me permission to do a portion of it each day.  Each half takes me about 90 minutes at the moment though that does include some rests and some 'what-comes-next-quick-look-
at-the-notes' breaks.  It is nice to notice improvements - even tho small at the moment. 
It still seems as though the movements Lujan told us should create a sense of having legs of iron are producing more of a sensation of legs of jelly but I'm sure that will change!  Jag is already enjoying observing his forearms and pecs solidify. 
We will have to try and manage the whole thing in a day at some point - but we're going to have to get up earlier in the morning to do that which is seeming to be a challenge at the moment ;o)
By the final week we were both pretty exhausted - partly from all the unfamiliar exercise but mainly from being in Flores where we were staying.  It sounds idyllic - a little island in a lake connected by a causeway to the mainland.  But in reality there are very few flowers (the translation of Flores) to be seen, or trees or nature of any type.  It's kind of like taking a small core of the outskirts of a city or large town and just putting them on an island.  So totally built up with no room to breathe.  Add to that the small village mentality of people who live on top of one another for their whole lives and don't take well to strangers coming in - let alone ones with beliefs other than Catholicism.  Then throw into the mix a great love of firecrackers which are used (especially throughout December) to scare away the Devil at all times of the night and day.  All in all not the most peaceful relaxing environment to devote yourself to your spiritual practices!
Luckily there were just the two of us that week and we were again studying a more gentle form (though also trying to keep up with our Earth Tapping in the mornings when energy allowed) combining the
Quetzalcoatl and Lotus series.  I found these to be very meditative - almost sending me into a trance at times.  We were also quite full of new knowledge by this point and at times it was challenging to find the head space to squeeze some new movements in but by the end of the week we had the full series and having been back for a while and practiced it it is also becoming second nature.  This series can be done on a daily basis after the Earth Tapping but is also used on the full moon - being done at intervals throughout the night.  We didn't manage to stay up all night and don't have a space where we can practice and actually see the moon here at home but it was nice to do a couple of sets during the evening.  I hope next full moon to be able to connect a bit deeper.  Lujan also teaches exercises for full moon gazing which Jag has studied with him and can be learned in an online program as well as being included in his latest book Awakening the Third Eye.  So I'm hoping to find the time to learn these before the next full moon.
A large part of studying with Lujan, however, is not the exercises but the emotions and patterns within us they (and life in general) stir up.  So, much of each 3 hour lesson is spent in discussion and revelation.  Lujan is amazingly insightful and each day would know when something was 'off' for someone and skillfully and gently work to reveal and release it.  It was wonderful to sit and share open-hearted communication within our small circle.  We went through a lot together over those few weeks and it was especially nice to be there with Jag and share that with him.
If anyone is interested in learning more about Lujan and his teachings you can explore his excellent website   He has written two books The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception and Awakening the Third Eye.  He offers online tuition in Shamanic Recapitulation and is currently offering his Shamanic Movement Tuition in Costa Rica for the next 6 months.  I would highly recommend Lujan as a teacher  - he is a true 'Man of Power'.

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